Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More EVIDENCE against Global Warming SCAM.

The Owner and friendliest weatherman in America of the "The Weather Channel" John Coleman has more common sense and logic when it comes to this manufactured scare of "Global Warming" because this is what he had been doing for many a year and even investing in his own television cable channel to continue his love for the science of meteorology.
Evidence is showing itself that the term "Global Warming" and "Global cooling" was invented by those with a political scheme to socialize democracy to the point of separation of elite and peasant where the middle class is gone forever. My opinion these people want to sell all our land for there global agenda to rule the world. I say they bow the knee to lucifer because he promised them the world and they are obsessed with power and do not want to lose their decaying wealth. They will do, say, manipulate, and propagandize anything to keep their power even to the point of using their power to kill if it a benefit to keep their power (See Gen. 3). But to say the least, this is where our world is headed and it is Biblical, just make sure your cup is filled when Christ Jesus returns.
The Bible clearly shows that the Earth became in the state of decay from the beginning of Adam's fall and the judgement and curse went forth justifiably by God who designed on ahead with HIS plan B to save mankind from Adam's fall which cursed all Mankind to deserving eternal punishment. Who is without SIN? Who does Good? NONE! No not one. Truthful observing Scientist's has called this the " first and second laws of thermodynamics" which when shown factually and observed is the reality of the weather climate changes in our earth which are always in cycles. I personally through investigating and much study believe these weather cycles are daily patterns. Truthfully we never can truly forecast unpredictable weather, we just come close because of similar observations we had in the past and on record and usually most meteorologists are correct because this is what the do for a living and some for many many years. LIke I always say you want true answers simply and logically explained? Open up the BIBLE. There are 66 books there to study thoroughly and they are all GOD's very Word to mankind. He explains the whole of human and earth life with animal and earth conservation as well. I say Start with Romans Chapter 1.
Again I report more fallacies of Human desperation's to willfully ignore the Gospel as plainly as it speaks to convicting hearts and never watered down by itself unless you have men who are clinging to the devils lie form the garden teaching other by picking and choosing what they want to believe in Scripture that is within the church as well which I have reported to you all at Lions Roar Report. See how all this fits with these end times. For these are definitely like the "Days of Noah".
Don't fall back to sleep Christian.

Richard White (C) Nov 14 2007

Founder of Weather Channel disses 'global warming'
(Pete Chagnon November 14, 2007)

A prominent meteorologist with more than 54 years of experience is calling global warming an "outrageous scam" and a "manufactured crisis."

John Coleman has been a television meteorologist since 1953. His credentials include being the first weather forecaster for the television show Good Morning America, and founder of the cable-based network The Weather Channel. Currently, Coleman forecasts the weather for the San Diego television station KUSI.

About six to seven years ago, Coleman says he began to hear about supposed "global warming" and decided to research the subject deeper and to investigate it from a scientific stance in order educate his viewers.

"I'm not talking about reading media accounts. I'm talking about getting down to the basic research papers," he explains. "And the more I read them, the more doubt I had -- and eventually the whole case just collapsed, when you really study the documents. And it became very clear that it was a manufactured crisis."

According to Coleman, the science that supports arguments favoring global warming "has been manipulated" and much of the data has been "manufactured," resulting in what he calls "bad science" that, unfortunately, passed peer review. He argues that the research passed that review only because of an underlying agenda held by scientists. He claims they wish to strike fear of environmental catastrophe if people do not hold to their radical ideas.

In a blog posted on, Coleman dispels that fear by stating that the earth is not in peril. He states that natural cycles in weather are more responsible for any climate change, and that over the next two decades there is an equal chance for a cooling trend as there is for a warming trend. He also believes that once the dire predictions of global-warming scientists fail to pass, people will realize they have been "duped."