Saturday, December 22, 2007

Parental Rights attacked again. Why is the Constitution being Ignored?

Isaiah 5:23
Who justify and acquit the guilty for a bribe, but take away the rights of the innocent and righteous from them!

Once again I have to report a pessimistic article on my site but it must be spread every way even though my BLOGsite is not popular. It is trouble when the Government tries to take away parental rights and guidance from a parents God given right to raise their Child and our Constitution protects these Moral Parental Rights. But Iike I keep pointing out out that the Constitution was suspended in 1933 remember? (read previous articles on these subjects.)
I keep reminding the public as to why all these things are rapidly happening because "Common Law" has taken a back seat to the Corrupted "Case Law" which is basically taking our rights away slowly at a Tortoise like pace but like the Hare each time a Social Democratic (basically Communism in disguise) law are passed and fought in court with the Case-law courts deciding what the clear Constitution proclaims. Because the Constitution has been suspended anyone can define what freedom is and when this is the case morality takes a back seat as well.

I have battled Children Protective Services which is a byproduct of a suspended Constitution sort of and am still battling them now in my private life pertaining to my son that God gave to me to wake me up to reality of HIM and that my idea of HIM wasn't it. This is another story later to be written.
But when I here a Judge Ordered to take away parents rights because they want to Home School their children in which I solemnly agree with this because of what Garbage they teach in public education, it sends me in a tail spin and I pray for my heart not to be enraged with vain cursing and pray that these lost humans beings who do not have Christ in their hearts will finally wake up and smell God's reality that HE totally has left open to them every second in their lives of who HE is and had it written down in 66 Books.
I do take this personally because I know how this woman is feeling right now and I support 100% of her actions being the responsible parent and protecting her children from a Judge and his or her court stepping out of the boundaries of the Law to force his personal will it seems in favor of a corrupt educational system that is proven corrupted and ill of mental health stability because it forbids morality which is GOD's statutes plain and simple. The farce educational system rejects it's Creator which is the one who created morality in the first place and this is not mere opinion but FACT.
So I am praying for this Mother and I pray all who read will too. I feel her pain and take it personally because I have another but similar situation that God is walking me through and in the end we are the victors thanks to JESUS.

So here is the story below.

Followup story
Judge ordered home-schooler to enroll kids or lose custody

A Utah woman who was ordered by a juvenile court judge to enroll her children in public school or lose custody of them has abandoned her home, furniture and other possessions to escape the order. Denise Mafi, a nine-year veteran of home-schooling, has confirmed to World Net Daily [that] she and her children packed up their essentials – clothes and home-school materials – and fled Utah over the weekend, spending more than 50 hours on a bus trip to an undisclosed part of the country. There she has obtained an empty home and is spending the Christmas break trying to find beds for her children and herself. After the New Year she will involve the children in a local home-schooling process. "We're shampooing carpets right now. We have no furniture. We have no beds," she said. "But my kids are not going to public school. They are not going where Jesus isn't welcome." Her home, furniture and other possessions left behind in Utah? "I'm not going back unless the judge removes the threat of arrest," she said. "I'll fight for the cause, but I'm not going to be a martyr." The case erupted for Mafi because of an apparent paperwork glitch that could be the fault of her local school district. Now Utah home-school officials say they have asked the state legislature to review actions by the judge ...