Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Resurrection day to ALL who been awakened.

Not that I want to get into schematics or literal thought but as it will not escape my mind at this moment writing to the audience but I rather say Happy Resurrection day than easter. If you know the origins of Easter or Ishtar and the observance of this pagan named day which I cannot consider Holy because Only the LORD is Holy you would probably understand what I mean. As well I am not trying to be over prejudiced either (laughing) because many automatically observe this special day with Christ's resurrection more than a fertility observance egg day. Most of these pagan observances are lost , well some may still observe ishtar day or semiramses day etc...but why go into it even further (laughing). It is the day Christian's celebrate both the Passover and the Resurrection simultaneously and this truth is the actual observance to yearly remember what GOD the Son did for mankind and how JESUS justified us when HE arose form the dead. Many still choose not to believe in this reality but it is amazing that it is 100% true and continues to prove that many are without excuse and when they face JESUS will HE be their Judge or Savior?

So as I pray everyone has an awesome Resurrection day I will also leave a famous Charles Wesley Hymn so if you forgot to sing on this day that you will always remember daily what Christ has done for you and I.


Words: Charles Wesley, 1739
Tune: Easter Hymn, Lyra Davidica, 1708

C G/B C F F/C-C C-Dm7 C--F C--G C
1 Christ the Lord is ris'n to-da--ay, A-al -le-e-lu-u-ia!*
2 Lives a-gain our glorious ki--ing: " " " " " " "
3 Love's re-deem-ing work is do--one, " " " " " " "
4 Soar we now, where Christ has le-ed, " " " " " " "

F C F C Dm7 C C/G-G C-Dm7 C--F C--G C
1 Sons of men and an -gels sa--ay: A-al -le-e-lu-u-ia!
2 Where, O death is now thy sti-ing? " " " " " " "
3 Fought the fight, the bat-tle wo--on; " " " " " " "
4 Foll'- wing our ex -alt-ed He--ead; " " " " " " "

G Am G/B G C Dm7 C G Am7 G--C G D G
1 Raise your joys and tri -umphs high, A-al -le-e-lu-u-ia!
2 Dy - ing once, He all doth save: " " " " " " "
3 Death in vain for -bids Him rise; " " " " " " "
4 Made like Him, like Him we rise; " " " " " " "

(G) C F F/C-C C-F Dm7 C--G C
1 Sing, ye heav'ns, and earth re-ply-y, A-al-le -lu-u-ia!
2 Where thy victo - ry, O gra-ave? " " " " " " "
3 Christ has opened Para - di--ise. " " " " " " "
4 Ours the cross, the grave, the ski-ies. " " " " " " "

G/B X20033
F/C X33211

*The timing for this is as follows:
C-------Dm7 C--F C---G C
A-------al -le-e-lu--u - ia!
1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &
(The others are similar enough to figure out from here)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Five-Pointer Shares the Gospel


The radical difference between Arminianism and Calvinism is that the system of the former revolves about the creature, whereas the system of the latter has the Creator for its centre of orbit.
~A.W. Pink~

A Five-Pointer Shares the Gospel

March 9, 2011 | by: John Piper | Category: Commentary

Here’s a conversation between an unbeliever and an evangelist who believes in the doctrine of definite atonement (sometimes unhelpfully called “limited atonement”)—the biblical teaching that when Jesus died, God’s unalterable purpose was to cancel the sins and commute the death sentence of all whom he would give to the Son (John 6:39).

Unbeliever: So what are you offering me?

Evangelist: Salvation from God’s wrath and from your sin. Everlasting life.

U: How?

E: Because when Jesus, the Son of God, died, he absorbed God’s wrath, removed it, and he bore the guilt of sin for all who trust him.

U: Did he do that for me?

E: If you will have him—receive him—you will have all that he is for you and all that he did for you. If you will trust him, yes, he did it for you.

U: So you don’t know if he did it for me?

E: He is offering himself to you right now freely. He is offering you a wonderful, finished work of redemption—all that he accomplished in absorbing God’s wrath and cancelling sins. All of that is yours for the having, right now. If you won’t have it, it’s not yours. If you will, it is. There’s only one way to know if your sins were cancelled and your death sentence was commuted in the death of Jesus. Believe on him. His promise is absolute: If you believe, you will be saved. If you won’t believe, you remain in your sin, and under God’s wrath.

U: So what are you asking me to receive?

E: Jesus. Receive Jesus! Because Jesus really did these things. He really secured the freedom of his people from the wrath of God. He really bore their sins in his body on the tree. If you receive him, you are one of them. You are included. All that is true for you. He offers to you freely right now.

U: I thought I could know Jesus died for me before I believed? That’s what I’ve always been told: Believe on him, because he died for everybody.

E: I can’t say for sure, but the people who taught you that probably meant this: Jesus died so that the gospel could be offered to all, and all who believe would be saved. That’s true. But if I assured you before you believe that your sins were cancelled and your freedom from God’s wrath was obtained, I would mislead you. Imagine if I said to you, Jesus certainly obtained your deliverance from God’s wrath and certainly covered all your sins. Now believe that. What would you say?

U: I’d say, great. Now what if I don’t believe? Then I’m still saved, right? Since my sins were certainly covered. It’s done.

E: Yes, that’s probably what you would say, and you’d be wrong. Because I would have misled you. The good news that Jesus has for you before you believe on him is not that your sins are certainly cancelled. The good news is that Jesus really propitiated the wrath of God, and really covered the sins of his people. It is finished. And that is what I offer you. It’s free. It’s full. It’s complete. It’s glorious. And his absolute promise to you is this: It’s yours if you will receive him. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved.