Tuesday, April 15, 2008

American Form of Government lost to fascism??

Now I thought this to be appropriate post since we already know this may be the end result of the US national sovereignty that is slowly turning its back on the GOD of the Bible and worshipping a lesser god that tickles the ear whether it be SELF or satan in disguise. But as we know too even US in the flock in the US have this ME gospel mindset and are allowing these things to happen. Well I pray that most of US here at WOP do not. But most of our family seems to be there whether they realize it or not and I pray that most will step out and represent by action and then words. We need to be the prophets we are all called to be and that is to stand firm loudly on God's Word alone as it speaks clearly and do everything we can with our heavenly mindset to reach the elect still in blindness. For God may spare more time for us to do this or tomorrow will be very short. At least we can be ready when HE comes. Will HE find a soul that is HIS awake?



I have difficulty briefly describing America's form of national government.
According to the CIA, the U.S.A., which is the Federal government, is a constitutional federal republic with a strong democratic tradition (representative democracy). On paper, this is correct.
But these terms do not describe our national government. If they did we'd see, which we do not, the government establishing justice, promoting the general welfare and securing the blessings of liberty to the sovereign people and its posterity. The government would obey the U.S. Constitution, which it does not.

What terms do capture the central thrust of America's government over the course of many decades? The U.S.A. has (in alphabetic order) elements of authoritarianism, fascism, kleptocracy, meritocracy, plutocracy, socialism, and totalitarianism. These co-exist with its being a constitutional federal republic with representative democracy . . . .
The confusing fact that the federal government is authoritarian, fascist, kleptocratic, meritocratic, plutocratic, etc. all at once helps it survive, despite the enormous harm it inflicts upon the people it supposedly serves. The confusion adds to the fog.
The fact that no one of these facets predominates helps it survive. The fact that the various elements of the government wax and wane in strength and vary with party, leadership, and circumstance add to the fog and help account for the durability of this institution . . . .

The opportunity [to make the government grow even further] presents itself or can be made to present itself quite easily. One important visible sequence by which the opportunity occurs is through (a) government passing a bad law, that (b) causes dislocation, giving rise to (c) alarm, crisis, and a demand for rectification, that (d) is then fulfilled by further bad law issuing from government. [this is a version of the dialectic process - Ed.]
The Paulson Plan is an example. This is a lengthy plan to augment the government's control over capital markets and capital market institutions. It would expand the Fed's powers by an order of magnitude at least. This plan is at once authoritarian, fascist, and kleptocratic.
Some version of this plan will probably pass in the next Congress. No matter whether it does or does not, the direction is the same: toward an economy controlled by the federal government in conjunction with titular private ownership of the means of production, that is, toward fascism. [emphasis ad