Thursday, May 21, 2009

The (VIDEO) Criminalization of Christianity? Governments really do hate the Truth.

Funny thing is the immoral will never ever be able to stop GOD's Word or those speaking against them ever. GOD always has the Final say doesn't HE. And still they so desperately try so they can continue to justify their guilt. It is like the story of Moses and the bronze snake. Many people were being bitten by snakes because of curse of sin and some were dying, so GOD told Moses to make a golden snake, put it on a staff and GOD said that anyone truly wanted to be healed and saved all they had to do was LOOK AT THE SNAKE and they would be healed and saved.BUT immoralist's will not look to the TRUTH and the TRUTH will save them if all they had to do is believe. They can be changed. All their sinful desires will be removed. GOD will make them knew.
Anyway still they try to end free speech because they do not want to be reminded of the TRUTH and Here below is the video that shows this. They may be able to try to stop the TRUTH but they can never ever change it.